Voluntary euthanasia should be legalised in WA to end ‘unnecessary suffering’, report finds

Many states around the world, including Western Australia have been discussing the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia. Many believed that ending one’s life to stop his or her agony should be an option as the family of such person knows what’s best for their patient. Moreover, the law implies that we all have right to live so they believe that we should also have the right to end it whenever we feel that we can no longer endure the pain.

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Meanwhile, there are also some government officials who contradict the legalisation as euthanasia is still killing whatever your purpose is, is against the law of God and should not be supported. That is how controversial this topic is.

Have you heard about the word “euthanasia”? You probably have heard of it before but do you know what it means? Do you know how huge this means to some people?

Euthanasia, also known as “mercy killing”, is the practice of ending the life of a living individual being by relatively painless means. This is particularly done when the individual has no more hope of recovery such as when the patient is suffering from a painful and incurable disease or is in an irreversible coma. Those in favour of euthanasia usually believe that taking the life of an individual who is suffering endlessly is an act of mercy.

There are several forms of euthanasia but the most controversial is physician assisted suicide – this is the one that raises many questions about medical ethics. Physician assisted suicide is when a physician, upon the request of a patient or his/her family, provides or withholds medication and/or treatment knowing that the outcome of this decision will be the death of the patient.

Other forms of euthanasia include active euthanasia which involves directly causing the death of a patient; while passive euthanasia includes withdrawing life supporting treatment or withholding surgery or medication.

For more info on the legalisation of euthanasia here in Western Australia, click here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-23/voluntary-euthanasia-should-be-legalised-in-wa-report-finds/10155910

PerthNow: How to keep warm this winter

With recent weather fluctuations, determining just how good or bad of a winter we will have in any given year is tough. This is can make preparing for the seasonal change a bit confusing.

You do not want to splurge on supplies that you may not need. In addition to that, you do not want to be under prepared in the event that the winter is brutal and a blizzard warning sends residents into frenzy and clears store shelves. The good news is that in order to be prepared adequately for winter, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Most of the time, you will be able to survive a winter storm, no matter how brutal as long as you has the essentials on hand.

Making sure that you are warm and not wasting money is the most important thing about preparing for winter is. Preparing for the winter may seem time consuming, but if done it can actually save you time and money in the long run.

There are some simple steps you can do in order to be prepared with the upcoming winter season. First is to stock up supplies. You need to stock up food items such as canned goods, water, salt, and other foods that do not spoil easily and last long. Food stuffs are common sense, but in addition to those, you also need candles, batteries and flashlights in case of power outrage.

Winter preparation is best done during summer or fall, but it’s never too late to improve your home’s energy efficiency and stockpile food and other essentials. This will help you prepared in case the power goes out or a blizzard decides to descend upon your neighbourhood. Always remember that being prepared today helps you avoid discomfort later!

These tips are not only applicable for homes, but for offices as well. For more on winter preparation and how to keep yourself warm during this season, read more at: https://www.perthnow.com.au/lifestyle/how-to-keep-warm-this-winter-ng-1b618c5434fe2a508fcbb510121d0fd9

50 Retail Business Ideas on a Budget

50 Low Cost Retail Business Ideas

Starting and operating a retail business in Perth requires consistent effort and dedication. This is especially true in today’s globally competitive business environment. It is important to run your business on sound traditional retail fundamentals while you embrace new ideas. Your main objective is to take competitive advantage that positions your business for sustained sales and profit growth.

When you start a retail business, you need to make sure that your shop is on a good location. Choose a high traffic location with ample parking. Consider who your retail and service-industry neighbours will be. You want to have high-quality businesses surrounding you that will contribute greatly to your shop’s traffic.

Furthermore, you need to know your niche market. Keep in mind that your market has needs. They will look for retailers who offer products and services that fulfill these needs. They will look for up-to-date products relevant and useful to them. Hence, you should study your market trends to understand what products your customers and potential customers want today.

With the help of social media, marketing your retail business has never been easier and cheaper. If you know how to take advantage of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other popular social networking sites, your retail business has a great chance of success.

Do you want to start a retail business? Here are some great ideas: https://smallbiztrends.com/2017/06/low-cost-retail-business-ideas.html

5 office design trends that will supercharge your workspace

Having a beautiful and functional office premises can certainly create a positive impression on your employees as well as on clients. Since you and your workers spend most of the time in the office, you need to make sure that your office is designed properly. In addition to that, you will not often do major changes in the design of your office.

To achieve a successful office design on your own, you should know how to take charge of every aspect of the facility which includes construction, planning, engineering, preventive maintenance and janitorial services. You should have a thorough knowledge of the facility design, purpose and function, which makes it easy to design the office for your business operations.

Doing some research will help. It will help you learn and develop your designs skills to help you achieve a successful office design. You will be able to make sure that the design of the facility is functional and that blends well with the purpose and external design of the facility.

A well designed office space is important regardless of whether you work at home or an office setting. You need to create a pleasant and motivational workplace that will push you to excel at your work.

To learn more about office design especially for winter seasons, read this article from Flying Solo Australia and learn the 5 office design trends: http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/working-smarter/5-office-design-trends-will-supercharge-workspace

Getting Found Online Depends on You Doing These Five Things

More and more businesses these days have discovered the numerous benefits of marketing their product or service online. With the advent of the internet and the rapid growth of the social media users from all corners of the globe, there is no doubt that building a website for your business is the best way to promote your brand.

However, there are also some challenges brought by internet marketing, or also known as online marketing. With millions of websites online getting your business website found online may seem impossible. This is especially if you have a new website. But I have great news for you; getting found online isn’t as impossible as it may seem.

If you want to be found online, most important thing that your website has to have is quality content. It can be the ugliest website out there and if you have quality content it will not only rank well but will be highly sought after. So what is quality? Simply put quality is “useful”. If the content on your website is useful then it is quality.

The second thing you can do to get your business found online is to sign up for local online directories. Many of the local online directories are still free, but some do charge an annual fee.

For more on how to get found online, read this article: https://www.ducttapemarketing.com/getting-found-online

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How to Buy a Franchise

Tips On How To Reduce Stress And Boost Workplace Wellbeing

Tips On How To Reduce Stress And Boost Workplace Wellbeing

Companies and franchises all over the globe are looking for ways to how to improve their productivity and sales. Some spend big on various productivity enhancing program, or develop computer based software just to boost productivity.

Many companies want to increase workplace productivity but this can be a challenge. As the market place gets more and more competitive, being able to produce more with less time is becoming more and more crucial.

However, in reality, the best workplace productivity tool of all time is not a program, nor it is advance computer software and it isn’t that expensive. The best inexpensive workplace productivity secret of all time is excellent communication.

We are all made to communicate and it is a simple truth everyone agrees on. We got our eyes, mouth and ear that are all placed strategically in close proximity with one another to ensure communication is possible. One can easily understand how effective communication can boost the productivity of any workplace on Earth by simply observing the makeup of the human body.

Workplace productivity is vital to realise the achievement you want. Thus, it is vital that you learn the right tips to help you create a more productive environment and obtain even more achievement. If you want to learn the right tips on how to reduce stress and boost workplace wellbeing, you should an interesting article by Huffington Post AU.

Read the full article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/10/09/tips-on-how-to-reduce-stress-and-boost-workplace-wellbeing

Small business benchmarks

Probably, many of us understand that the fundamental term “benchmarking” refers to the process of measuring something against an identified and accepted standard or ideal. But what is business benchmarking?

Business Benchmarking is the process of finding then fixing internal problems by comparing your Revenue and Expenses against the most efficient and profitable businesses in your market. This helps you identify the differences that may be keeping you from having the same success as your peers or competitors.

If you are running a business, benchmarking can be utilised in a variety of situations but for our purposes, business benchmarking is done specifically with an eye on your company’s efficiency and ultimate results which are your profits.

The success or failure of your business benchmarking depends on several factors. Some of the time, your business may be aware of areas for improvement but other times, you may not. There are some instances where your business seems to be “just fine” so you continue with your existing processes and tools.

If you want to find ways to increase your profits, you should use effective business benchmarking; this will also help you can improving your overall efficiency. You can easily identify areas for improvement by comparing your key financial processes, procedures and tools against top industry benchmarks. This can give you dramatic advantages over your competitors and allow you to not only get ahead of the competition but to stay there.

Read more about business benchmarking right here: https://www.ato.gov.au/Business/Small-business-benchmarks

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How to Buy a Franchise

Are you planning to become an entrepreneur? If you are, then you might consider buying a franchise.

Franchises are one of the most popular methods people use to become entrepreneurs. The opportunity to buy a franchise is available to anyone as long as you got the motivation and a sense of risk-taking.

Of course, all business ownership involves some risk, after all. However, identifying the best possible franchises for sale is one of the ways you can mitigate that risk.

One major advantage of buying a franchise is that you are going to purchase a business that is proven. Unlike starting a business from scratch, buying a franchise means instantly acquiring a proven path to financial success. Every franchise within a particular company uses the same tested methodology to do

Secondly, when you buy a franchise, you are representing a big brand especially when it is well-known nationally. Even lesser known names that carry a national or regional cache have a huge advantage over a single owner spot.

Furthermore, franchisees take advantage on tie-ins with national and regional marketing campaigns that include special promotions, coupons, and other factors that get people excited about buying your product or service.

Aside from the mentioned above, there are many other benefits of buying a franchise instead of starting a business from scratch. If you want to know how to buy a franchise, read this article from Wall Street Journal: http://guides.wsj.com/small-business/franchising/how-to-buy-a-franchise

Principles and Importance of Accounting for a Business

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When starting your own small business one of the most important aspects to think about is the accounting process and how you choose to account all of your financial information.

Understanding the financial information of your small business is important and it has to be accurate or else your business may not be as successful as intended. Even if you don’t like accounting or numbers, there is no way to avoid accounting for a business. This is also for personal finance such as for retirement planning.

Having the records of the receipts and expenditures as well as the daily activities of your company is the purpose of business accounting. Also, accounting makes it available for the business owners to assess and analyse the business’s performance. This will help the owner to decide what improvements they need to make, or what practices to keep doing in order to keep the company at its successful place.

In the challenging economy just like we are facing nowadays, having accounting is necessary not only for large corporations but for small organisations as well. Many small business owners believe that they need to be able to do their own finances and take the accounting in their own manners. However, that surely is not the case. It is much better to hire a firm or someone who is respectable and can help assist your company in the accounting department.

Learn more about the principles and importance of business accounting from this article: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/principles-importance-accounting-business-703.html

This Overlooked Strategy Can Boost Your Retirement Savings

Retirement is one of the most awaited times in the life of several people. It is the stage when people would finally be able to stop working and enjoy their life. There are some who think that once they retire they would be able to enjoy everything in life that they always wanted to. However, in order to enjoy the retirement of your dreams you will first have to save money and put them up in the right investment.

Perth Business NewsThrough the years however, the idea of retirement has been changing and there is more to retirement planning than just saving money and having life insurance. You may have been wisely saving for your retirement from the beginning of your career. However, a mistake may potentially jeopardise your entire savings.

Therefore, what is important is to plan and run a realistic cash-flow projection that can predict with a reasonable accuracy whether a portfolio with no or limited market risk. This preparation will help you sustain through your retirement years.

There are three major factors one should consider for his or her retirement to success – deciding on how much you can save monthly or annually, properly investing your money, and having a sense of how much money you need after you retire, in order to maintain your desire standard of living and cover your expenses.

To learn more strategies about retirement planning, check out this post from Time: http://time.com/money/3990748/roth-ira-overlooked-savings-strategy

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